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Meat Meu

Berries macaroon with liver Pate
Pink Trout from the Dan river and aioli on a chip potato
Fresh sardine's salsa with dried cherry tomatoes served in a sardine's can
Lamb meet wrapped in a filo pastry served with mango sorbet
Lentil falafel with "Tahini" in three colors (Beet, amba and plain)
Corvine sashimi on a lemon and flower Jelly

Meal "Street food" style
4 stations to choose:

Sausages station
Homemade master sausages
Smoked Chipotle Aioli
"Sauerkraut" Red cabbage in wine
Pickle cabbage
Green salad with vinaigrette

Red Tuna Fricasse – in paper brown bags
Homemade Fricasse rolls
Fresh red Tuna confit
Blue lips potatoes
Quail eggs
Pickled lemon aioli

Spring Chicken "Suflaki"
Spring chicken and lamb meat on the Plancha
Tiny pitas
Tahini with Amba
Onions and tomatoes

Jerusalem Kebab from the old city
Lamb kebab – Coarsely chopped and grilled at the station
Skewed onions and tomatoes
Hot eggplant with pistachio and garlic sauce
White tahini
Big flat Lafa pitas
Amir's yellow pickles
Finely chopped vegetable salad

Fish & Chips
Tempura fried fish filet
Paper cones serving
Home fries
Scroladia: Balkan potatoes and garlic cream
Pickled onions
Cherry tomatoes and red onions salad

Aged entrecote burger
Smoked paprika rolls
Homemade peppers ketchup
Arugula leaves and fresh vegetables
French fries
Optional: Vegetarian lentil burger

Special Borekas station
Olive oil Filo pastries
Spinach and sumac
Eggplant and Graham masala
Spring chicken and cinnamon
Chick meat
Hardboiled egg
Green tahini
"Shouk" salad of seasonal vegetables

Greek fish station
In this station, the fishes are cooked on the spot in a grill pan. This is the best way to keep the fish fresh and to serve it at its best.
Corvine fish A la Plancha served on Frenna bread
Grilled onions
Potatoes with sea salt and smoked paprika
Green beans with olive oil and garlic (Or other seasonal vegetable)
Scroladia: potatoes and garlic dip
Beets and kale salad

The Jaffa small fishes
Served in cones and papers
Fried red Mullet in flour and spices
Pickles and olives
Tomatoes and hot peppers salad

"Knafe" station
Lamb knafe and scorched tomatoes
Hot tomato salsa
Lentils salad with arugula

Street desserts:
Frontal sorbet making station using liquid nitrogen:
In this station we prepare sorbets in front of the guests instantly using liquid nitrogen. At a temperature of minus 200 degrees Celsius the liquid turns the ingredients into a smooth texture of tiny crystals. From this contact you will see smoke that comes from the evaporation of the nitrogen.
78% of the air we breathe is nitrogen. This gas evaporates and do not leave any taste.
Examples of flavors:
Chocolate, vanilla, fruit, meringue, chocolate chunks, lotus cream, cookies, Coffee liqueur and more
The sorbet will be served with different decorations: Tiny macaroons, coconut chunks, berries sauce

Personal desserts:
Cooked Turkish coffee
Pistachio Baklava with coffee cream
Halva Blocks
Cake pops
Eti Pastry chef "Krembos" in different tastes
Coconut cream "Malabi" with lemon

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