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Catering Luiza was born 10 years ago from love to modern, Israeli culinary. Chefs Anat and Amit connect in their special way between venue, people and ambiance and create local culinary in which local community takes part: growers, wineries and artists from the Judean hills. They choose the raw ingredients meticulously from the cheese makers and other quality manufacturers from our environment.  

A new petit four menu based on the catering's perception


For order: Anat 0522633918


For an offer / order – please fill your personal details and choose from the menu, send by mail:  or by fax 02-5701622


Name _____________________________


Date of event________________________

Number of guests' ____________________

Phone number_______________________


Petits fours – platters of 25 units (dairy / meat)      

Mini quiche – 200 Nis (dairy)
Onions and thyme/Swiss chard/wild mushroom and pest/dried fruit and Feta cheese/dried tomatoes

Mini Frenna, local bread sandwiches – 200 Nis (dairy/parve)
Olive tapenade and Feta cheese/grilled eggplants with Garam Massala and goat cream/carrots hummus with fresh vegetables

Mini Frenna, local bread sandwiches – 300 Nis (meat/parve)
Salmon Grave lax and avocado dip/Sirloin roast beef with aioli and arugula/spring chicken with guacamole/turkey breast in mustard and beer with fresh vegetables

Tiny brioches – 200 Nis (dairy)
Blue cheese and pear/Tom cheese and dried cherry tomatoes/Feta cheese and sweet chard/olive tapenade and brie cheese

Savory muffins – 400 Nis for 50 units (dairy)
Tom cheese and polenta/blue cheese and dried apricot

Polenta toast – 200 Nis (dairy)
With wild mushrooms

Savory macaroons – 150 Nis (dairy/meat)
Berries macaroon with Gorgonzola whip/beets macaroon with liver pate

Eclairs – 300 Nis (dairy/parve)
Filled with grave lax, glaze wasabi/Goat whip and grilled peppers

Onions Tatin (personal serving) – 300 Nis (dairy)

Platters to the center of table – suits 15 guests
Goat cheeses (1/2 kg) – 180 Nis
Grilled vegetables platter served cold (1.5 kg) – 120 Nis
Dried fruit filled with cheese (one sort: dried tomatoes/dates/dried apricots)
Fresh and cut seasonal vegetables with yellow tahini or cream and dill – 100 Nis
Cold fishes – Grave lax, smoked Trout, pickled maquerel and anchovies (1.5 kg) – 450 Nis
Sliced Roast beef served with chimichurri, aioli and smoked mustard (2 kg brut) – 810 Nis

Salads – suits 15 guests – 150 Nis
Green salad with mixed seeds
Seasonal salad
Bulgur salad with orange juice and spinach leaves
Black lentils salad with black olives and arugula leaves
Cherry tomatoes salad with feta cheese and parsley vinaigrette or with sourdough bread crumbs and capers

Sweet platters – for 25 units:
Tiny cupcakes – 200 Nis (dairy/parve)
Chocolate and pistachio/tahini and orange/aromatic apples/vanilla and berries/savory caramel/coffee and cardamom/carrot and whole wheat flour

Chocolate and nougat fingers - 150 Nis (dairy/parve)

Sweet brioches – 200 Nis (dairy)
Cinnamon/pear and anise/white and black chocolate chips

Pistachio financier (dairy) - 150 Nis
with berries ganache and whipped goat cream

Chocolate Fudge (Dairy/Parve) - 150 Nis
With savory caramel/with chocolate ganache

Philadelphia cheese cake (dairy) - 150 Nis
With pistachio cream

Almonds financier (parve) - 150 Nis
with berries

With the coffee – Price per Kg
Honey and nuts cookies – 120 Nis
almonds and lemon cookies – 120 Nis
Dried fruit biscotti – 200 Nis
Truffles – 120 Nis

Macaroon 6 Nis
Citrus fruit / Lavender / Licorice / Caramel / Chocolate  


Minimum order: 500 guests
Orders can be made up to 48 hours before

Delivery: Jerusalem 200 Nis
Mevasseret Zion 100 Nis

It is possible to rent dishes

Telephone Anat Lev Ari or Shirli  025337120  0522633918        

לואיזה שירותי קייטרינג - כפר אבו גוש רח' הדובדבן 1 טלפון: 02-5337120 נייד: 052-2633918