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"Luiza Catering", a kosher establishment, presents you with modern, Israeli gourmet food.

 We select the finest ingredients from the best suppliers, butchers and fish mongers. Our Take-away menus have been put together in the catering spirit, meaning fresh and healthy products, with no artificial ingredients and with easy home service in mind. We also have cutlery hiring facilities and we can advise you on selecting the right dishes for your menu and offer you a Take-away service that will include all the cutlery you need.

For more information please call Anat on 052-2633918.


Cakes and Desserts

Cake and Tarts which can serve about 12-14 guests
*Pear cooked in wine tart with almond stuffing 120 Shekels
*Figs tart with almond filling (in season) 120 Shekels
Passion fruit pie 120 Shekels
Chocolate mousse and mint cream tart 120 Shekels
*Pecan pie 120 Shekels
*Plum pie with almond filling 120 Shekels
*Apple cooked in spices tart 120 Shekels
*Lemon meringue tart 120 Shekels
A three chocolate mousse cake 200 Shekels
Nougat cake on a nut dough with chocolate and nougat cream, coffee cream, white chocolate cream and "croquant" 220 Shekels
Lemon meringue mousse with pistachio cake and a gentle mint cream 150 Shekels
Cream cheese cake with seasonal fruit 150 Shekels
*Chocolate and poppy seed cake 150 Shekels
Raspberry mousse cake 150 Shekels
Tart tatin 150 Shekels
Almond cake with cointreau, orange cream and meringue 200 Shekels
*Italian almond cake 150 Shekels
White chocolate and baked cheese cake 220 Shekels
*Apple and poppy seed cake with lemon confit on top 150 Shekels
Lemon cake with layers of lemon cream and marzipan leaves decoration 150 Shekels
Almond cake with layers of peach and nectarine mousse 150 Shekels
*Those cakes can be also ordered Parve  

Cocktail desserts
Prices shown are for a tray of 25 servings
Mini pies with apples, pears etc. 150 shekels
Tartlets with crème patissiere and white chocolate with fruit topping 150 shekels
Whipped mascarpone cream and seasonal fruit over a bed of kadaif 150 shekels
Chocolate tartlets filled with chocolate cream and pistachios 150 shekels
Truffles in a verity of flavours - per kilo 120 shekels

Cookies - Price per Kilo
Tehina cookies 120 shekels
Nuts and honey cookies 120 shekels
Lemon and almonds cookies 120 shekels
Almond cookies 120 shekels
Biscotti with walnuts 200 shekels



לואיזה שירותי קייטרינג - כפר אבו גוש רח' הדובדבן 1 טלפון: 02-5337120 נייד: 052-2633918