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Superior In-house Meat Menu:

Served on wooden planks at arrival:
Wood Taboon – Pastries, "Lahme Joun", Zaatar Crust and breads on vine leaves
Pickled beef with aromatic herbs served on tiny wooden spoons
Trout from the Dan River Gravlax with horseradish aioli on a potato, quail egg served in a sardine's can
Homemade lamb sausages with "Rate" potatoes cream
Fish Kubenieh with black eggplants cream

On the table:
Beets and kale salad with caramelized pecans
Cherry tomatoes salad with capers flowers, sumac and sourdough bread chunks
Wheat salad with lots of greens
"Shouk" salad from fresh vegetables with mustard vinaigrette
Olive Tapenade and Shallots confit

Meat plank served at the center of the table:
Traditional cooking techniques:
Duck breast marinated in date syrup and orange juice
Entrecote served with a wine and hibiscus flowers sauce
Lamb chops with seasoned herbs
Baked, caramelized and skewed whole vegetables:
Fennel, turnip, colorful carrots, tomatoes, garlic

Grilled seasonal fruit
Caramel sauce
Halva chunks
Kadaif with Halva parfait
Olive oil and pistachio financier
Pine nuts cream

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