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"Open Kitchen" Dairy Menu

Apricot Sushi
Rolled dried apricot sheets filled with blue cheese and walnuts
Watermelon / Beets / Tomatoes
Dried tomatoes
Organic dried tomatoes filled with cream cheese, pine nuts and micro basil
Fresh sea fish ceviche with mint and honey / with cherry tomatoes, avocado, coriander and lemon
Cooked Polenta served with a poached egg and Swiss chard
Gravlax salmon and peppers confit served on a wooden spoon

Open Kitchen Meal
Big Central Tapas station from which we serve hot and cold dishes,
Fresh and pickled vegetables
Chef's cooking, cutting and seasoning at the stations

Salsa salad
Colorful peppers, avocado, red onions, melon or mango (seasonal) and coriander vinaigrette
Cherry tomatoes salad
Cherry tomatoes, Feta cheese and parsley vinaigrette
Anti Pasti
Grilled seasonal colorful vegetables in different sauces
Sweet potatoes with sage
Whole eggplants
Caramelized turnips
Fennel with white wine and honey
Big jars of olives and homemade pickles

Freshly baked focaccias in ceramics
Olive oil from "Springs Valley"
Sourdough breads
Selection of sourdough and yeasts breads with nuts, seeds, rye bread, whole wheat and Kusmin
Kubana – Yemenite bread

Round filo pastries with olive oil:
Spinach and cheeses
Georgian cheeses, fennel and orange juice
Next to the pastries:
"El Arz" Tahini
Homemade Italian Pasta cooked at the event
With eggplants cream
Black pasta
With skewed cherry tomatoes and Kalamata olives

Greek fish station

Corvine fish
A la Plancha served on Frenna bread
Grilled onions
Potatoes with sea salt and smoked paprika
Scroladia: potatoes and garlic dip
Grilled zucchini with garlic and lemon

Fish Burger:
Roughly chopped Grey Mullet
Curry rolls
Colorful pickles

Street desserts:
Herbal tea and black coffee served in old fashion teapots
Cookies, truffle and fresh fruit
On the station: Canvas, jars of sauces and paintbrushes – Paintings with hot and cold sauces
Fresh summer fruit: Melons, watermelons and grapes
Grilled fruit
Thin layers of filo dough with coffee and nuts
Chocolate fudge cut at the station
Apple Strudel baked on the spot
Awame served in paper cones
Philadelphia cheese cake with pistachio cream

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